FAQ & General Info

At this time I do not offer tracking on my items unless your order is over $100.00. The reason for this is that it allows me to ship my items at the lowest cost to you. As Embrace Embroidery grows I hope to be able to expand my shipping options. 

Do you accept Paypal?

Not at this time. Paypal decided to delete my account out of the blue and they could not fix the issue in a manner that I found to be professional so for now I do not offer payment through paypal. 

Are your creations hand embroidered or machine embroidered?

All of my pieces are hand embroidered using a good old needle and thread.

Do you do custom pieces? 

Yes! Please send an e-mail to info@embraceembroidery.com and I will be happy to talk to you about making your ideas a reality!

How long does it take to receive my order?

This will vary depending on the amount of orders I currently have, and if you are ordering a piece that is already made, or if you are ordering something custom from me. Custom orders take a minimum of one week to design, another week to complete, and then be shipped off to you. If you are concerned about time or have questions about how quickly you can receive a custom item, please reach out to me at info@embraceembroidery.com

Do you have inclusive sizing?

YES! My aim is to be a size inclusive brand! If you don't see something in your size, or a color that you love I will be more than happy to create that for you at no extra cost. It will just take extra time! I am currently updating my website to reflect these additional options, so please check back frequently as my website is updated often!

Why are your prices marked the way that they are?

Each of my pieces are hand embroidered, meaning that I stitch each piece with a needle and thread. I don't use an embroidery machine, and I also design each piece from my own brain! lol. This is my passion, and it is how I pay my bills, so I need to take into account my time, effort, and value when pricing my items! When browsing remember that we live in a world that mass produces things for a fraction of the cost because they often use unethical creation practices, and replace human labour with machine labour. My aim as a creator is to bring back the labour of love that comes with creating by hand and then sharing that with you!

Where are your materials sourced?

Currently I get my materials from online retailers such as amazon, Micheals, and etsy. My future goal for Embrace Embroidery is to purchase my supplies from other small business owners, providing you with a clear supply chain. If this is you please reach out to me at info@embraceembroidery.com and I'd love to speak to you about purchasing materials!