Hey! I'm Kerstin! Welcome to Embrace Embroidery

Embrace Embroidery by Kerstin Wiebe 
Hello, and welcome to Embrace Embroidery! My small home based business where I create unique hand embroidered jewellery, clothing, and other creations! My goal with Embrace Embroidery is to channel my creative energy into something that I can share with the world, and I'm truly happy to have you here reading about my little business! 
Where did it begin?
Well my curiosity for textiles started when I was a young girl. I grew up in southern Alberta, and my family was old school so I learned how to sew, and create with my hands at a young age. I also watched my mother create the most beautiful Christmas stockings, stitched together piece by piece with thread, beads, and felt. She created these family heirlooms that everyone cherished, and I in turn loved seeing her create. 
Then theirs my Grandma. The OG queen of textiles! Dolly clothes, blankets, dish towels, booties, embroidered Christmas pillow cases and ornaments. This woman creates faster than anyone I ever met, and the kicker... she donates all of it! Except the items she makes for specific family members, she donates each and every thing. She donated over 25 handmade blankets to the homeless shelter one winter! I hope to have her creations featured here one day so that she world can give back to her just as much as shes given to this world!
SOOO then during college I had to do an out of town practicum, I spent 10 weeks living with my Grandma, and in those 10 weeks she taught me how to crochet, and I never looked back. Crochet has become a meditative practice for me and it is and always will be my first textile love! Since learning to crochet I have created so many wonderful things, but something about crochet didn't quite excite me the way that embroidery did.
So that takes me to December 2021, I had recently gone through a personal hardship and my new partner decided to take me to Micheal's for a little shopping trip. My anxiety was at an all time high and I needed something to keep me occupied. I found a simple flower embroidery kit. Roses, surrounded by little babies breath and pale green leaves. I was absolutely hooked. I couldn't put the project down, and the more I worked on the little project and saw it come to life before me I started to feel such satisfaction, and oddly contentment. My crazy busy mind was quiet in those moments of creation. 
Besides the satisfaction of creating, the things I love most about embroidery is that its portable, it's not messy (meaning not a lot of clean up, take down type things) and I can create something that has a lot of meaning to me in the most meditative way.  So here we are 7 months later. I haven't gone more than a few days without embroidering since I started the craft, and I can't wait to see how far me and my thread will go in the next 7 months! 

Thank you for being here and supporting me! If you made it this far I want to offer you a 5% discount as a thank you for reading about my journey, and exploring my website! Use code ABT5 on your order!